Is my ex-spouse entitled to property acquired after separation?

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 Is my ex spouse entitled to property acquired after separation?

I've been separated (not legally) from my spouse for three years, and I was recently served divorce papers.

Since we separated, I moved provinces and bought property. I've lived on my own during that entire time. my property has increased value, per the property assessment I recently received, and now my spouse wants half of that value.

Is my spouse legally entitled to half the profit from the property, even though I've lived here on my own the entire time?

Probably not. you may have to fight this in court but contrary to popular belief everything bought after a separation is not community property. I have done property surveys in the past to settle these disputes.

Legally yes.

But something tells me that the judge will tell her no since you have been separated for 3 years. you obviously made good for yourself and she wants to mooch off of you.

Generally anything done after the separation (as long as it wasn't done with joint funds or assets) cannot be touched. She also wouldn't be liable for debt you accrued after the separation either. Talk to a lawyer.

If you were married or were common law married.
You really need to be speaking to an attorney.

maybe, since ur still legally married it'd likely be a 50/50 thing, ur gonna need to get a good lawyer and fight this one

you are SCREWED big time !

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