College Students to Face Possible Tuition Hikes

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studentloan 300x218 College Students to Face Possible Tuition HikesUniversity of Colorado and other college students could face tuition hikes of 9.5% next year if state funding continues to plummet.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) released Wednesday the details of financial accountability plans from the state’s colleges in respond to a Colorado Open Records Act Request in order for colleges to raise tuition by more than 9%.

“Every governing board wants to keep their options open,” said Brian Burnett, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance. He also revealed that Colorado State University submitted a request for a 20% tuition increase while University of Colorado system requested a potential increase of 9.5%.

Meanwhile, Department of Higher Education spokeswoman Dawn Taylor Owens said that the Colorado School of Mines is the only eligible school that hasn’t asked permission to raise tuition above the 9% hike allowed by state lawmakers. Mesa State College was not also accepted because it does not seek to raise tuition past 9%.

Next month, every public campus is required to submit tuition plans to CDHE outlining how they would cope with a potential 50%-60% state funding cut.

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